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Why I Volunteered...
    As Jasmine says, "Fandom is a really odd beast." I don't know 
why I originally volunteered to 
provide graphics.  Perhaps it was 
because I was having fun learning 
video capture, and I wanted to 
see all those blanks filled in. 
    And as they say, one thing 
led to another.  There I was, 
writing down all the epside infor- 
mation and composing blurbs starting somewhere in the middle 
of the second season.  It was a passion to see this website be 
what Jas was envisioning. 
   That naturally lead to doing graphics for the vampire page, and we were tossing around a lot of ideas for new features.. 
   I'm sure nobody every really wondered why the time-line was completed, but it grew out of my 
work for the website.  What I released to FORKNI-L was only 
the tip of the iceberg...So, it seems only appropriate that my first major contribution would be the time-line page. 
     Like Jas, I've met some of the cast and crew, and they are absolutely wonderful. And perhaps someday, we'll see them perform those roles again... 
Substitute FK Webmistress 

Why I'm Doing This 
     Fandom is a really odd beast. My husband asks me all the time why I manage this information. He knows me better than anyone and even he can't figure out. Neither can I, really. 
But seriously, there weren't any sites on the Web that I could find containing information about Forever Knight. Of course, there was passing mention in The Internet Movie Database Browser (which, incidentally, is where I got a good portion of the cast and crew credits), but certainly nothing like the other home pages I had seen. 
So,I put together some information about FK and it took off from there. 
I've met some of the cast and crew now and I must say, FK has some of the kindest, most generous actors and writers of any show in the world. They're personable, enthusiastic, and supportive of their fans. They make themselves accessible on-line and in person. And most of all, they are truly appreciative of us and they let us know it. 
FK Webmistress 
The Home Page Crew 
FK Webmistress
Dorothy Elggren
Dee Davidson
Sharon "Yard of Ale" Himmanen
Jamie Melody Randall
 Critiques, Reviews, & Ratings
Marc Wallace
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 Major Contributors
Linda Roth
Valerie Meachum
Bret R. Rudnick
Allen Braunsdorf
Uwe Taechl
Stephanie Babbitt
Da Jeanster
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