Tattoo Fairy

"One must be a work of art, or wear a work of art." -- Oscar Wilde

Many people (be they lovers, friends, or enemies) have called me a chameleon. Take a good look again at my portrait. What do you see?
This portrait was drawn for me by a wonderful woman in Pennsylvania. Believe it or not, I was actually wearing clothes when I posed, but she drew me without them, giving me far more credit than I actually deserve. She said she wanted to call the portrait "Mona Lisa Smiles." I told her she should have called it "I've Got the Sun in My Eyes, Can Somebody Stand in My Way?"
And, yes, that is a tattoo on my shoulder. Oddly enough, when I suprised my family with news of the adornment they weren't really upset per se. I've certainly suprised them with worse at times. They were dismayed by the fact that it was a naked woman tattooed on my back.
"Couldn't it have been something more, well, more traditional?" was my mother's comment. Sorry Ma, I don't do cute little bunnies. And then my step-father harumphed and said "But she's naked." Well, duh. My brother, the artist, followed close on his heels with "Well, why the hell didn't you let me design the damn thing? I could have done it so much better."
My father was the only one who said anything decent when he told me, "Well, honey, you've gotta do what's right for you. But I wish you would have talked to me about it first." Of course he said the same thing when I eloped.
My tattoo art was designed from line art shown here originally created by Judy Parker. I told the tattoo artist (Tattoo Dave out of Iron Mountain, Michigan) "Lose the clothes and the wand. Oh yeah. And make her have tits."