What's Changed?

4-20-98 Added pictures to complete the episode guide. 
Fixed the links in season 3 to work.  Also 
completed inserting data on episodes. 
Updated most of the pages to complete the new 
theme Jasmine had begun.  Added a page on the 
books being published by Berkley Books. 
Checked and updated all links to be current (I hope). 
Completed adding pictures to the vampires. 
Added the new page on the Timeline by date 
and by season.  And lots of other stuff that has 
become a blur in my mind.
5-21-96  Added info for a few more episodes. Updated the conventions list with more information on the charity auction convention in October. Updated the list of known vampires. Note: the FK fiction archive is now defunct but I've left the link to the former site in case anyone wishes to take over running the site for the former owener. I've also left the link to the FTP site at PSU.EDU even though they're having a few software problems. 
5-13-96  Added info for a few more episodes. Updated the conventions list to include the FK mincon that will be at Toronto Trek X. 
5-10-96  Added info for a few more episodes and updated the Known Vampires accordingly. 
4-18-96  Fixed the navigation bars so that they're not shorter than the tables. Added a few more pics to the known vamps section. Added a new section all about the soundtrack (with permission of GNP Crescendo, of course). 
4-15-96  Added more pics for second and third season. Still working on those darn navigation bars and trying to convince my sysadmin we should be allowed to run cgi-bin stuff at the home directory level. *sigh* 
4-13-96  Working on navigation bars throughout the site. Still adjusting links for the episodes. 
4-04-96  Finished reformatting the episodes, leaving on the next and previous links to set up. Convention, background, and premise are now formatted. And I redid the list of know vampires. Anyone have any extra pics hanging around that I can use? 
3-31-96  Episodes for seasons 1 & 2 are now in the new format. New welcome page. Also split the background and premise. 
3-28-96  Well, started the new look and feel. Let me know if you really hate it. More changes in in the works, so be prepared for moving and shaking. 
3-15-96  Added the Magellan Award logo that I received for this site. Updated pictures in the Episode Guide and fixed a few links. Added a whole slew of links to Fan Faction and Spin-off Pages. 
1-30-96  Added graphics for a bunch of episodes in all seasons. Still looking for more. 
1-24-96  Added links to the CERK Radio page and Uncle's CERK monologues. 
1-22-96  Added newest of the episode reviews. Added links to the NatPack and Knightie Home Pages off the Cast credits area. 
1-16-96  Added link to the Save FK Campaign home page. 
1-15-96  Update the fiction bibliography. Checked the websites of interest links and updated those too. 
1995  And for the really anal among you, I've saved the list of 1995 Updates