Nigel Bennett

Back in Action (1994)
Child's Christmas in Wales, A
Die, Darkman, Die
Jeweller's Shop, The
Legends of the Fall(1995)
Narrow Margin (1990)
Outside Chance of Maximillian
  Glick (1989)
Paint Cans (1994)
Soft Deceit (1994?)

TV Movies
Bay Coven(1987)
Model by Day(1994)
Mount Royal
Riley Ace of Spies
The Shamrock Conspiracy (1995)
Shattered Trust:
  The Shari Karney Story (1993)
Ultimate Betrayal (1994)
Underground to Freedom
Women of Windsor, The (1992)

TV Shows
  Nina Who?
Alfred Hitchcock Presents:
  Survival of the Fitest
Beyond Reality
Cambells, The
Coronation Street
   French Twist
   In the Blood
   Deal Maker
Elizabeth Alone
Forever Knight (1992-1995)
Friday the 13th:
  The Butcher (1989)
Hidden Room, The:
   Transfigured Night (1993)
Kung Fu, The Legend Continues:
   Straight Jacket (1993)
   Lapses in Memory (1993)
Memories of You
Night Heat
Passion in Paradise
Rin Tin Tin--K9 Cop
  (unknown episode)
Robocop, The Series:
   (unknown episode)
Question of Justice, A
Secret Service:
  Tattoo (1992)
Street Legal:
   (four unknown episodes)
Super Dave Osborne Show, The
Sweating Bullets
T & T
Twilight Zone, The:
Two for Joy (pilot episode)
Valour and the Honour, The

Stage Performances
Kafka's Dick
Private Lives
Rocky Horror Picture Show, The
Run for Your Wife
Season's Greetings
Secret Diary of Adrian Mole, The
Rocky Horror Picture Show

Nigel Bennett

Nigel Bennett stars as LaCroix, the vampire community's powerful and seductive master, in "Forever Knight," a one-hour, action drama produced by Paragon Entertainment Corporation in association with TriStar Television and Germany's Telemnchen, and distributed domestically by Columbia TriStar Television Distribution.

An accomplished theatre actor, Nigel appeared on the British stage for fifteen years before moving to Canada in 1986. During this time he starred in "The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole" at the Wyndhams Theatre in London's West End. He also performed in "Ghosts," "Private Lives" and "Rookery Nook" at such theaters as the Haymarket Theatre in Leicester, the Crucible Theatre, the Bristol Old Vic and the King's Head Theatre Club as well as many seasons on the stages of Canterbury, Newcastle, Nottingham, Plymouth, Manchester, Liverpool and Sheffield in England.

Nigel's feature film work includes co-starring with Gene Hackman, Anne Archer and James B. Sikking in "Narrow Margin," the starring role in "The Outside Chance of Maximilian Glick," a poignant drama that was voted Best New Film at both the Toronto Festival of Festivals and the Vancouver International Film Festival in 1988, and an appearance in "Legends of the Fall" starring Anthony Hopkins and Brad Pitt.

Nigel's television credits in Great Britain include "Harry," "Happy Hunting Ground," "Elizabeth Alone," "Housewarming," "Reilly, Ace of Spies" and the marathon-running series "Coronation Street." Canadian and American television appearances include "Beyond Reality," "Sweating Bullets," "E.N.G.," "Counterstrike," "Street Legal," "Alfred Hitchcock," "Mount Royal," "Adderly," "Night Heat," "Friday the 13th" and "The Twilight Zone."

A resident of Toronto, Nigel is an avid golfer who also enjoys skiing and ice fishing when the weather turns cold.

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