Character Relation and Dynamics (First Season)
The first two seasons, the characters were a set of perfectly balanced triangles,
with Nick at the center.  Janette and LaCroix pulled him towards his vampire
nature and Schanke and Natalie pulled him towards mortality and humanity. 
Some weeks he was more human, and some weeks, he was more of a vampire.
Watching the struggle was absolutely delicious! On the whole, though, he moved
towards humanity. The tone of the show was hopeful, despite his setbacks.

Character Relation and Dynamics (Second Season)
In the second season, LaCroix returned from the dead, after all he was much too old
and powerful to die. The shows were darker, as the writers explored Nick's
vampire nature, and it seemed as if LaCroix's reappearance stopped his progression
towards humanity and mortality. Slowly he began slipping backwards, and the season's
last (aired-order) episode, Crazy Love, had Nick returning in desperation to Janette
for help.


Character Relations and Dynamics (Third Season)
With the loss of Schanke and Janette, the balance changed significantly to a tug-of-war
between LaCroix and Natalie for Nick.  Tracy never quite materialized as a replacement
for Schanke, and Vachon never achieved the same interaction with Nick as Janette had.
The dynamics were very different.  The Vachon-Tracy story line paralleled the Nick-Natalie
story line, detracting from the focus of Forever Knight.  Not until USA opted out did
the focus really return.  But the net result of the third season tinkering:  Nick lost ground
in his struggle for humanity throughout the season,  ending in his and Natalie's apparent

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