Donald G. Schanke
They train you to be tasteless?
No, that's genetic.  They train us to be persistent.

Before I got partnered with Knight, my life was a whole lot easier, ya
know, but it was also a lot less interesting.  Maybe interesting isn't
quite the right word.  How about bizarre, weird, or strange, like in
Twilight Zone time, ya know?  Da-de-duh-duh...

Anyway, back then I worked at the 23rd Precinct for Captain
Stonetree. He's a great guy, but I really doubted his sanity on this
one.  Me work with Knight?  The guy's a walking clothes-horse.  Looks
great in leather with all that blonde hair, but between us, he could
really stand to learn a few things.  And talk about strange!  You know
the guy only works nights?  He has this problem with sunlight.  Heck, a
few rays isn't gonna kill him, it would probably do him good....huh?  Oh
yeah, you wanna hear about me, not Golden Boy.

I got a great wife, ya know, Myra.  Before her, I couldn't get a date
with a calendar, but then she came along and hauled me kickin' and
screamin' to the alter.  Best thing that ever happened to me.  Except
sometimes she sings those show tunes until I think I'm gonna go nuts.
We have a daughter--Jenny.  Cute as a bug in a rug.  I love that kid.
Yeah, she's got me wrapped around her finger.  I'd do anything for
her.  Those two make it all worthwhile.  All the overtime, all the
danger, everything.  When I get to go home to them, the world just
lights up.

I don't get to see as much of them now that I'm working with Knight.
I end up working a lot of nights, because Knight can't work days.  And
then I work days, too, to do all that leg work that you can't do at
night.  I think I'm getting the wrong end of the stick, here...

Anyway, I have to admit, we turned out to be a pretty good
partnership.  Wait did I say partners?  I turn around and he's gone.
Every time something happens, he just vanishes.  Doesn't tell me
squat.  And he always gets there first and makes the collar.  We'd
make a better team if he'd just remember he's got a PARTNER!  But even
so, we won a Partner's of the Month award.  And can you believe it?
They spelled my name wrong.  Un-be-liev-a-ble!

Hey, I'm the one who figured out that ??? wanted to stay with his
wife.  I'm the one that got there first on that one.  Where was
Nicky-boy then, huh? Ha!  And I'm the one who does all the solid
police work, tracks down the leads, works day and night, and then
Knight stares off into space and comes up with the answer.  It's just
so weird.  It's like being in the Twilight Zone.  What?  I said that
already?  Well, it's true.

But you know, even after all the weird stuff he does, I gotta admit he's
the best partner I ever had.  I wouldn't want anybody else guarding
my back, because he always, ALWAYS, is there when it matters.  I
trust the guy with my life every day.

Anyway, we got transferred to the 96th precinct under Captain Amanda
Cohen.  She's a good Captain, even if she does want me to do more
paperwork than ought to be allowed by law.  That time when Knight got
arrested because IA thought he was crooked, she knew something was
going down, but she let it go because we found the real perp.

Yeah, all in all, I got it good.  A partner that backs me up (most of the
time--but who's perfect?)  A great wife and kid.  Souvlaki whenever I
want it, and a job I love.  What more could you ask for.

Well, gotta run.  I gotta plane to catch and a criminal to transport... Love
ya babe!

You know Nick, sometimes I get the feeling you're not me... 

   Hey Knight!  Raise the drawbridge and there'd better be food in there!


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