Flashbacks By Season (Aired Order)

(Table of Contents)   (Chronological Timeline)

Season One

Dark Knight  1228 Paris
For I Have Sinned  1428-1431 Rouen
Last Act  1790's England
Dance By The Light of the Moon  1228 Paris
Dying to Know You  1640-1690 American Colonies
False Witness  1830's Ireland or England
Cherry Blossoms  1916 San Francisco
I Will Repay  1825-1830 Probably Ireland, coast
Dead Air  1440-1460 Europe
Hunters  1840's England
Dead Issue   1490-1516 Hertogenbosch, Holland
Father Figure  1941-1943 London
Spin Doctor  1954 Chicago
Dying for Fame  Dream Sequence
Only the Lonely 1990 Toronto
Unreality TV  1861-1862 Virginia
Feeding the Beast  Dream Sequence
If Looks Could Kill  1800-1820 Germany
Fatal Mistake 1660-1670 England
1966 1966 East Berlin
Love You to Death 1890 Paris

Season Two

Killer Instinct 1228 Paris
A Fate Worse Than Death 1070-1100 Paris
Stranger Than Fiction Fantasy
Forward Into the Past 1949-1953 Toronto
Hunted 1840's England
Faithful Followers 1921-1924 Sudan
Father's Day 1921-1925 Paris/Toronto/L.A.
Undue Process 1740 Colonial America
Bad Blood 1888 London
Can't Run, Can't Hide 1971 South VietNam
Capital Offense 1820 France
Amateur Night 1964-1968 Chicago
Beyond the Law  1968 Chicago
Be My Valentine 1228-1230 Brabant
The Fix  1867 France
The Fire Inside  1855-1860 South Carolina
Blood Money  1620-1640 France
Partners of the Month  1510-1519 Italy or Germany
A More Permanent Hell 79 A.D. Pompeii
Queen of Harps  1220 Wales
The Code  1870-1888 American Southwest
Curiouser and Curioser  1228 Paris
Near Death  1228 Paris
Baby Baby  1918-1922 Paris
Close Call*  1990-1995 Toronto
Crazy Love  1530-1570 Italy or Germany

Season Three

Black Buddha, Part 1*  1912 Titanic, Atlantic Ocean
Black Buddha, Part 2*  1531 Lake Titicaca, The Andes
Outside the Lines  1942 Lyon
Blackwing*  1720-1790 Canada 
Blind Faith  1883 Croyden, England
My Boyfriend is a Vampire*  1792 Spain
Hearts of Darkness* 1890 New Orleans
Trophy Girl  1448 France
Let No Man Tear Asunder  1830's Geneva
Night in Question  1853 Crimean War
Sons of Belial  1578 Spain
Strings  1916 St. Petersburg, Russia
Fever  1665 London
Dead of Night  1528 Linz, Austria
Games Vampires Play  Virtual Reality
The Human Factor*  1995 Montreal
Avenging Angel  1850 Chinatown, San Francisco
Fallen Idol  1247 France
Jane Doe  1918-1919 European Frontier
Francesca  1755 Cote du Rhone, Avignon
Ashes to Ashes*  99 A.D. Valley of the Kings, Egypt
Last Knight  Multiple

Created by Valerie Meachum (vmeachum@freenet.scri.fsu.edu) and Dorothy Elggren (delggren@loftworks.com)