Season One Episodes

Nick Knight

Episode #

Air Date
20 Aug 1989

Barney Cohen &
James D. Parriott

Farhad Mann

Barney Cohen &
James D. Parriott

Nick Knight

Plot Summary
Someone is killing a number of homeless people and draining their blood. Then a museum guard is killed the same way and a special artifact is stolen, a Mayan cup that Nick believes can help him become mortal again. Nick suspects that his old mentor Lacroix is in town and behind the murders. Forced into a partnership with the unbearable Detective Schanke, Nick has to face both Lacroix and the Homeless Killer while trying to protect his friends.

Special Notes
In this pilot, Nick's original name was given as Jean-Pierre (this was how he was addressed by both Jeanette and Lacroix). In the series, they called him Nicholas.
Many of the characters were changed from original pilot to series. Of special note is that Nick's pathologist friend undergoes a sex change between the original pilot and the series.

Rick Springfield [Nick Knight]
John Kapelos [Don Schanke]
Robert Harper [Dr. Jack Brittington]
Richard Fancy [Capt. Bernetti]

Guest Starring
Laura Johnson [Dr. Alyce Hunter]

Craig Richard Nelson [Jack Fenner]
Fran Ryan [Jeannie]
Cec Verrell [Jeanette]
Jack Murdock [Topper]

Special Guest Star
Michael Nader [Lacroix]

Also Featuring
Gregory Wagrowski [Detective Jessell]
David Byrd [Guard #2, Harry]
Irene Miracle [Nurse]
Al Fann [Dedrick]
Davis Roberts [Dr. Dave]
David Correia [Mechanic]
Al Berry [Desk Sergeant]
Allison Barron [Girl Swimmer]
Dendrie Taylor [Tanning Attendent]
Pamela West [Tanning Attendent]
Audree Chapman [Uniformed Policewoman]
Rosanna Huffman [Reporter #1]
Rif Hutton [Reporter #2]
Dennis Moynahan [Confused Orderly]
Christopher Bertolini [Impound Lot Employee]
Freddie Dawson [Orderly #1]
Troy Melton [Museum Guard, Nate]
Robert Neches [Forensic Man]
Carl Ciartalio [Pure Melrose]

Production Credits
Film Editor: Benjamin A. Weissman
Music: Joseph Conlan
Production Designer: Paul Eads
Director of Photography: Frank Beascoechea
Executive Producer: Roberta Becker Ziegel
Producer: S. Michael Formica
Executive Producer: Barry Weitz
Unit Production Manager: S. Michael Formica
First Assistant Director: Bob Bender and James M. Freitag
Key Second Assistant Director: John Syrjamaki
Associate Producer: Benjamin A. Weissman
Second Assistant Director: Robert S. Mills
Executive in Charge of Post-Production: Larry Levin

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