Season One Episodes


Episode #

Air Date
04 Aug 1992

Jorge Montesi

Naomi Janzen

Fluch der Vergangenheit
(Curse of the Past)

False Witness

Plot Summary
Nick's feelings of responsibility for the death of a man he was supposed to protect in a "sting" operation causes him to lie about actually seeing the murderer pull the trigger. In addition to the problem of having to appear in court to testify in broad daylight, Nick's desire to see justice done struggles with his conscience. He calls up memories of an incident from the past in which a woman lies in court, condemning to death a man Nick knows to be innocent, since he saw his fellow vampire Janette commit the crime.

Guest Stars
John Evans [Murray Kozak]
Ellen Dubin [Mistress Tamara Dugan]

Additional Cast
Martin Doyle
Kelly Fiddick
Monique Mojica
Dean Gabourie
Garth Dyke
Rosemary Lawless
Robert Russell
Alexa Gilmour
Robert Thomas
Richard Partington
Lili Francks
Joanna Hartley

Additional Crew
Bill Goddard, Editor
Felix Gray, 1st. Ast. Director
Christopher Ball, 2nd Ast. Director
Mac Bradden, 2nd Unit Director

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