Season One Episodes


Episode #

Air Date
22 Sep 1992

Steve DiMarco

Alison Bingeman

Night Talk

Dead Air

Plot Summary
Someone's calling CTOK radio's on-air psychiatrist and murdering women on the air. Dr. Noble comes to Nick's aid -- to Stonetree's dismay -- while Schanke searches through psychiatric records. Noble thinks the killer is acting out a murderous fantasy -- one that may involve her.

Guest Stars
Diane Cary [Dr. Christina Noble]
David Hewlett [Matthew Reed]

Additional Cast
Jonathan Wise
Reiner Schwarz
Barbara Barsky
Tannis Burnett
Justine Campbell
Dan Pawlick
Megan Smith
Steve Whistance Smith

Additional Crew
George Roulston, Editor
Neil Huhta, 1st Ast. Director
Bruce Speyer, 2nd Ast. Director

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