Season One Episodes

Father Figure

Episode #

Air Date
13 Oct 1992

Gary Farmer

Michael Sadowski

Vaeterliche Gefuehle
(Fatherly Feeling)

Father Figure

Plot Summary
A man is killed in an apparent mob hit. While the investigation is underway, the only witness, a young girl named Lisa, is left in Nick's protective custody. This duty reminds Nick of a boy he and his Old Friends cared for in World War II England and the ramifications of his immortality and sterility.

Guest Star
Chantellese Kent [Lisa Cooper]

Additional Cast
Illya Woloshyn
Alan Aarons
Marvin Ishmael
Jocelyne Saint-Denis
Marlon Brand
Robert Godin
Jean Stawartz
Randy Butcher

Additional Crew
Geoff Craigen, Editor
Felix Gray, 1st Ast. Director
Christopher Ball, 2nd Ast. Director

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