Season One Episodes

Spin Doctor

Episode #

Air Date
27 Oct 1992

Leon Marr

Michael Sadowski

Eine schneeweisse Weste
(Snow-white Vest)

Spin Doctor

Plot Summary
A journalist covering the mayoral election is electrocuted in his hotel room. Later his girlfriend is found dead too. It appears one of the candidates may be involved in a sex scandal. Can Nick find out who committed these murders without engaging in a witchhunt? Dirty politics and mudslinging gets Nick thinking about when he was Professor Nicholas Girard (Chicago, 1954) -- and on trial before the HUAC on charges of being a Communist.

Guest Stars
Lisa Howard [Laura Neil]
Dixie Seatle [Barbara Norton]

Additional Cast
Barry Flatman
Christa Daniel
Brenda Kamino
Sandi Ross [Grace]
Scott Walker Steve Tate
Robert Morelli
Michael Reynolds
Chantal Craig
Deborah Lobban
Anita La Selva
Timothy Macdonald
Ron Bullied
Patrick Mckenna

Additional Crew
Stewart Dowds, Editor
Felix Gray, 1st Ast. Director
Luc Chalifour, 2nd Ast. Director

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