Season One Episodes

If Looks Could Kill

Episode #

Air Date
09 Feb 1993

Micheal Levine

Naomi Janzen

Wenn Blicke toeten
(If Looks Kill)
To Die For

If Looks Could Kill

Plot Summary
Nick investigates three woman who are member of the Spa Experience. They're all young, beautiful, and have murderous tendencies, but do they share something more than skin deep?

Guest Stars
Jennifer Dale
Terri Hawkes

Additional Cast
Allison Hossack
Kymberly Huffman
Sharolyn Sparrow
Mark Kehr
Bill Vibert
Gwen Park
David Spooner
Debra Winter
Shanya Vaughan
Deni Delory
Chuck Roe
Desmond Campbell
Louis Taylor

Additional Crew
Stewart Dowds, Editor
Christopher Ball, 1st Ast. Director
Fergus Barnes, 2nd Ast. Director

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