Season Two Episodes


Episode #

Air Date
12 Sep 1994

Michael Alan Levine

Naomi Janzen


Killer Instinct


Plot Summary
While investigating a series of bizarre murders, Nick discovers that an ancient evil from his past is behind the crimes. LaCroix, his former vampire master, has returned to the city in search of Nick, his one-time pupil
The murders, coldly orchestrated by LaCroix, threaten to uncover Nick's sinister secret when he is arrested as the prime suspect. With the hel of his partner, Don Schanke, and the department pathologist, Natalie Lambert, the only mortal who knows his true identity, Knight escapes. Now an outlaw, he must track down the killer and find LaCroix before he is forced to give up his dream of regaining his mortality.

Additional Cast
Michael Caruna (Jeff Morris)
Sandi Ross (Grace)
Michael Simpson (Rogers)
Jonathan Whittaker (Dreyfus)
Tony Meyler (Constable Wilkinson)
Christopher Marren (Officer 1)
Angela Moore (Officer 2)
David Blacker (Officer 3)
Norm Spencer (Man)
Stayroula Logothettis (Woman)
Jack Nicholsen (Junkie)
Angela Asher (Prostitute)

Additional Crew
Ribin Russell, Editor
Terry Steyn, Production manager
Alan Gouboff, 1st Ast. Director
Luc Chalifour, 2nd Ast. Director

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