Season Two Episodes

A Fate Worse than Death

Episode #

Air Date
19 Sep 1994

Don McCutcheon

Gillian Horvath

Ein Schicksal,
schlimmer als der Tod

A Fate Worse Than Death


Plot Summary
Jannette turns to Nick for help when Julie Beamer, a young "lady of the evening" whom she has befriended, is murdererd. However, Nick finds his hands tied when there isn't enough evidence to hold the prime suspect.
Once a working girl herself, Jannette is outraged by the lack of "justice" and seeks to quench her thirst for blood when she learns the killer may have been Mason, her friend's pimp. When Mason and a fellow cop turn up dead, Nick traces the murders to Celeste Morgan, a seemingly innocent girl trapped in a life of prostitution.

Guest Star
Natalie Radford (Celeste)

Additional Cast
Kevin Jubinville (Mason)
Ross Petty (Draper)
Phillip Williams (Artie Goodwin)
Earl Pastko (Miklos)
Christian Laurin (Daviau)
Gloria Slade (Anna)
David Danzon (French Soldier)
Jean-Marc Amyot (French Beadle)
Andrea Menzies (Julie)
Alexa Gilmour (Louise)

Additional Crew
Don Cassidy, Editor
Terry Steyn, Production Manager
Felix Gray, 1st Ast. Director
Karl Irvine, 2nd Ast. Director

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