Stranger than Fiction

Stranger Than Fiction

Episode #

Air Date
26 Sep 1994

Clay Borris

Phil Bedard &
Larry LaLonde

(Love Fantasies)

Stranger than Fiction


Plot Summary
Life imitates fiction when Emily Weiss, the best-selling author of a series of vampire novels, is attacked by a crazed fan. Her works are amazingly true to life, leading Nick to believe that she may know more about the vampire community than she says. LaCroix, the leader of the community, sees her as a threat and declares that she must die and Nick must carry out the decree.
Nick, however, finds that he is falling in love with this woman. She is the only mortal capable of understanding what it is like to live in eternal darkness, and she would go willingly into his waiting arms if asked. The time has come for the truth and the fiction to become one, and her fate rests in Nick's hands.

Guest Star
Larissa Lapchinskie (Emily Weiss)

Additional Cast
Andrew Miller (Andrew)
Laura Press (Gloria Chapman)
Sandi Ross (Grace Balthazar)
Ronn Sarosiak (Fan Tansey)
Hayley Tyson (V.J. Jessica)
Norman Bissonnette ("Christian")
Brian Kaulback (Det. McCabe)

Additional Crew
Robin Russell, Editor
Terry Steyn, Production Manager
Alan Goluboff, 1st Ast. Director
Luc Chalifour, 2nd Ast. Director

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