Season 2 Episodes

The Fix

Episode #

Air Date

Nicholas J. Gray

Michael Sadowski

An der Nadel
(By the Needle)

The Fix


Plot Summary
Natalie's research leads her to believe she might be able to cure Nick, if he's willing to take the risk. While taking the wonder drug, Nick and Schanke unofficially investigate the suicide of another cop. Is Nick just having incredible hunches or is the drug not quite what it seems?

Guest Stars
David Eisner (Fred Berman)
Howard Jerome (Jimmy Vinetti)

Additional Cast
Ian D. Clark (Dr. Spense)
Paul Sandards (Brian Sykes)
Anne Marie Scheffler (Hot Dog Vendor)
Eric Bryson (Vince)
Kim Schraner (Pretty Girl)

Additional Crew
Don Cassidy, Editor
Terry Steyn, Production Manager
Felix Gray, 1st Ast. Director
Karl Irvine, 2nd Ast. Director

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