Season 2 Episodes

Beyond The Law

Episode #

Air Date

Michael Alan Levine

James Johnston

Ueber dem Gesetz
(Beyond the Law)

Beyond the Law


Plot Summary
A serial killer who appears to get women completely in his control before killing them is on the loose. But he may be untouchable since it looks like he's a diplomat. Nick's past experience with people who abuse power indiscriminately may make him step over the line in pursuit of justice.

Guest Star
David Calderisi (Ambassador Oleg Petrashenko)

Additional Cast
Naom Jenkins (Juri Karimov/Damir Petrashenko)
Deborah Theaker (Daphne Malloch)
Pierre Lenoir (Jacques Tremblay)
Lisa Ryder (Angela Mosler)
Stewart Arnott (Sen. Tom Gardiner)
Gail Travers (Tamara Brunansky)
Judy Sinclair (Mrs. Javitz)
Kate Greenhouse (Paula Kierns)
Kate Griffin (Jill)

Additional Crew
Don Cassidy, Editor
Terry Steyn, Production Manager
Felix Gray, 1st Ast. Director
Karl Irvine, 2nd Ast. Director

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