Season 2 Episodes

Queen of Harps

Episode #

Air Date

Alan Simmonds

Gillian Horvath

Die Harfe
(The Harp)

Queen of Harps


Plot Summary
When Nick is unable to obtain a harp with magical properties tied to his mortal past at auction, his actions are less than legal. When the auctioneer is found murdered, Nick finds himself in a precarious situation, caught between the harp's longing and his own desires.

Guest Star
Brenda Bzinet (Gwyneth/Johanna Shea)

Additional Cast
Peter Donaldson (Sir Raymond/Hugh DeLabarre)
Ron Hartmann (Ted Haley)
David Bolt (Sam Baskers)
Colin Miller (Concierge)

Additional Crew
Robin Russell, Editor
Terry Steyn, Production Manager
Mike Crain, 1st Ast. Director
Luc Chalifour, 2nd Ast. Director

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