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Be My Valentine

Episode #

Air Date

Stefan Scani

Diane Cary

Bis de Tod euch scheidet
(Til Death Do You Part)

Be My Valentine


Plot Summary
Valentines day not only brings out a killer who lures in women with romantic cards, but turns Nick's thoughts to Natalie, and LaCroix's to past love. All this love in the air is bound to be dangerous.

Guest Star
Claire Rankin (Fleur)

Additional Cast
Marvin Karon (Stan)
Nonnie Griffin (Nick's Mother)
Natalie Gray (Terry)
Patricia Carroll Brown (Elsa)
David Sutcliffe (Fiance)
Shelly Hong (Coed)

Additional Crew
Robin Russell, Editor
Terry Steyn, Production Manager
Mike Crain, 1st Ast. Director
Luc Chalifour, 2nd Ast. Director

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