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Alan Kroeker

Gillian Horvath

Black Wing

Critique - OK Review

Plot Summary
A man's death seems directly related to a court battle over Native American land. But when during the invesitigation Nick comes into contact with a spiritual healer who sees the darkness inside him, the case seems suddenly unimportant. As Nick focuses on the possibilities of this spirtual realm, strange things begin to happen. Things seem to go from bad to worse when the murders escalate, and Nick is afraid he may somehow be responsible.

Guest Stars
Denis Lacroix (Jess)
Michelle Thrush (Marian)

Additional Cast
Jack Burning (Gary Blackwing)
Glen Gould (Young Gary)
Paula Barrett (Reporter)
Victoria Mitchell (Judge Beatrice Payne)
Peter Kelly Gaudreault (Mark Buckwater)
Jim York (Roger Bland)
Colm Magner (Security Guard)

Additional Crew
Don Cassidy, Editor
Dennis Chapman, Production Manager
Michael Crain, 1st Ast. Director
Karl Irvine, 2nd Ast. Director

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