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Blind Faith

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Clay Borris

James Johnston

Blind Faith

Critique - OK Review

Plot Summary
When a serial rapist is ripped to shreds by a dog, Natalie suspects that something isn't quite right. Nick's investigations leads him to suspect a carouche, a lower form of vampire who typically feeds on vermin, may be behind the dog's behavior. When Nick finds the dog, he discovers that it is the devoted companion of a blind dispatcher. Now he must figure out how to protect the dispatcher (and everybody else) from her not-so-mortal dog.

Guest Star
Diana Zimmer (Jody Fraser)

Additional Cast
Patrick Galligan (Rapist)
Terry Nicholas (Rape Victim)
Karen Glave (Female Cop)
Desmond Campbell (Male Cop)
Alisa Wiegers (Rape Victim #2)
Lee J. Campbell (Bus Driver)
Greg Kramer (Screed)
David Storch (Doyle)
Colm Magner (Security Guard)

Additional Crew
David Goard, Editor
Dennis Chapman, Production Manager
David Vaughn, 1st Ast. Director
Micheal Burke, 2nd Ast. Director

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