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Let No Man Tear Asunder

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Clay Borris

Diane Cary

Let No Man Tear Asunder

Critique - OK Review

Plot Summary
An autopsy reveals a murdered woman's heart has been surgically removed, prompting Nick and Tracy to investigate the black market for human organs. Working undercover, Tracy visits a suspected dealer at the local hospital, unaware that Natalie Lambert is scheduled for a routine knee operation at the same facility. Upon learning Natalie has been chosen as the next "donor," Tracy is overcome by the dealer and prepped for the operation instead.

Guest Star
Jesse Collins (Hans Victor)

Additional Cast
Colette Stevenson (Veronica)
Henry Chan (Tatoo Artist)
Kelly Fiddick (Mel Purdy)
Scott Gibson (Malora's Boyfriend)
Donna Goodhand (Dr. Valerie Freeman)
Deborah DeMille (Prostitute)
Jonathan Potts (Walters)
Jaya Karsemeyer (Sage Freeman)

Additional Crew
Dean Balser, Editor
Dennis Chapman, Production Manager
David Vaughn, 1st Ast. Director
Micheal Burke, 2nd Ast. Director

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