Season 2 Episodes

Night in Question

Episode #

Air Date
08 Nov 1995

Nicholas J. Gray

Gary Stephen Riect

Night in Question

Critique - OK Review

Plot Summary
A bullet wound to the head lands Nick in the emergency room, where with no pulse, no heart rate, and no brain activity, he is declared dead. Fast action by Natalie and LaCroix, brings Nick back to life. While his physical wounds are healing, his mind is another matter--he has amnesia, and therefore no memories of who he is or what he is. Both Natalie and LaCroix see this as a chance to acheive their goals for Nick. Who will win this little contest, and what will be the price? Meanwhile, Nick must find the killer before he strikes again, as well as find out who he really is.

Guest Star
Melanie Nicholls-King (Dr. Turner)

Additional Cast
Demo Cates (Paramedic)
Allegra Fulton (Nurse #1)
Alice Poon (Nurse #2)
Anais Granofskiy (Nurse #3)
Dimitri Frid (Russian Soldier)
Micheal Ricupero (Detective Maurer)
Don Dickenson (Detective Dunneback)
Heather Hodgeson (Policewoman)
Domenic Cuzzocrea (Leon Sharp)

Additional Crew
Don Cassidy, Editor
Dennis Chapman, Production Manager
Michael Crain, 1st Ast. Director
Karl Irvine, 2nd Ast. Director

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