Season 2 Episodes

Sons of Belial

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Clay Borris

Phil Bedard &
Larry LaLonde

Sons of Belial

Critique - OK Review

Plot Summary
A routine investigation into a suicide leads Nick and Tracy to an exorcist. As they witness an exorcism, Nick is overpowered by a terrible evil. Unable to control himself, Nick turns to LaCroix for help. But even LaCroix is powerless in the face of this evil, and at Nicks request, takes him to the exorcist to help free him from the Son of Belial.

Guest Star
David Hemblen (Dr. Max Venderwal)

Additional Cast
Frank Pellegrino (MacIssac)
Cheryl Swartz (Melanie Sawchuck)
Goerge Buza (Eric Sawchuck)
Vincent Marino (Jailer)
Eduardo Gomez (Ario)
Mario Romano (Sanchez)
Peter Messaline (Inquisitor)
Patrick Gallagher (Micheal)
Sean Roberge (Barnes)
Johanna Black (Paula)
Thea Andrews (Eva)

Additional Crew
Dean Balser, Editor
Dennis Chapman, Production Manager
David Vaughn, 1st Ast. Director
Micheal Burke, 2nd Ast. Director

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