Season 2 Episodes

Jane Doe

Episode #

Air Date
27 April 96

Nicholas J. Gray

Michael Sadowski

Jane Doe

Critique - OK Review

Plot Summary
A particularly brutal murder leads Nick and Reese to suspect a release killer with a best-selling book on "The Killing Mind". The murder fits those Reese investigated years ago prior to the man's conviction on a simple man-slaughter charge. Reese and the murderer play a game of cat and mouse and Nick, Natalie and Tracy try to find evidence that can prove he is the murderer.

Guest Star
Ron White (Jordan Manning)

Additional Cast
Marilyn Denis (Host)
Steve Michalchuk (Gypsy)
Duff MacDonald (Hitler)
Francisca Zentilli (Uniform Cop)
Robbie Rox (Big George)
Paul Miller (Lt. Miller)
Rene Polley (Nurse)
Mary Fallick (Stunt Miriam)

Additional Crew
Dean Balser, Editor
Dennis Chapman, Line Prod./Prod. Mngr.
David Vaugn, 1st Ast. Director
Michael Burke, 2nd Ast. Director

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