Season 2 Episodes


Episode #

Air Date
03 May 96

Nigel Bennett

Gillian Horvath


Critique - OK Review

Plot Summary
Nick and Tracy are both deeply disturbed by the brutal "kiss" murders, where victims are being drained of blood. Nick recognizes them as the style of Francesca, a vampire he knew long ago. But Francesca is dead--or is she? Tracy also finds herself struggling with feelings of Deja Vu, which she is unable to come to terms with. When a psychotherapist comes to them with information about a patient she has been counseling, it looks like they have found the murderer. However will they be confronting a deranged killer or the reincarnated soul of a vampire bent on revenge. If it is Francesca, Nick may not survive the encounter.

Guest Star
Maurice Dean Wint (Frank)
Brooke Johnson (Lisa Kadlec)

Additional Guest Cast
Maria Syrgiannis (Francesca)
Todd Dulmage (Faubert)
Hamish McEwan (Gordon Fuller)
Chris Cound (Man #1)

Additional Crew
Dean Balser, Editor
Dennis Chapman, Production Mngr.
David Vaughn, Ast. Director
Michael Burke, 2nd Ast. Director

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