Known Vampires

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Briana Briana

Briana first appeared in "A More Permanent Hell." Her age and her master are unknown.
Bridget Hellman Bridget Hellman

Bridget's only appearance is in "Bad Blood." As a mortal precinct detective her first case is, unfortunately, her last. She is brought across by the man she is hunting, the notorious Jack the Ripper. Inspector Liam O'Neal, her partner on her first case, eventually shoots her in the heart with a crossbow bolt.

Don Thomas Constantine Don Thomas Constantine

Don Thomas Constantine first appeared in "Father's Day." After helping Nicholas escape from Lacroix in the 1920s, he then supplied Lacroix with information on where to find Nicholas in exchange for the promise of a future favour. Lacroix brought him across at the age of 100 in order to repay that favour and allow Constantine to continue running his "family" business.

The street-wise waif, Daniel, first appeared in "Father Figure." He was brought across by Lacroix and would currently be 50 years old if still alive. His whereabouts is unknown.
Danny Danny

Danny, the the night technician for a Toronto television station, first appeared in "Unreality TV." It was his message to the Enforcers that forced Nick to deal with Tawny Teller's incriminating video-taped evidence of his vampiric nature. Danny's age and master are unknown.
Divia Divia

Divia, the child-vampire, wass the mortal daughter of Lucien Lacroix and a brothel owner in Pompeii. She was also Lacroix's master. She was brought across in the episode "A More Permanent Hell" by Qa'ra, the Ancient One, a male vampire who existed long before the pyramids were built. Divia was killed twice, once via beheading by Lacroix 20 years after the explosions of Pompeii and permanently in 1996 by Nick who stakes her before Lacroix burns her to ashes. She was 1917 years old at the time of her permanent death.