Known Vampires

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Elizabeth was the leperous woman brought across in a fit of pity by Nicholas in "I Will Repay." She was approximately 18 at the time Nick killed her after bring her across.
The Enforcers The Enforcers

Little is known about the Enforcers including their age, their masters if any, and how they become the feared "executioners" of the vampire world. We first see Enforcers in the episode "Unreality TV."
Erica Erica

Erica first appeared as Nick's vampire lover in "Last Act." Her age and her master are unknown. She died in 1993, committing vampire suicide by sitting in the sun.
Francesca Francesca, the Comtesse du Montagne

Francesca's only appearance is in the episode by the same name. She was approximately 1000 years old when her untimely death occurred in the mid 1700s at the hand of Nicholas Chevalier (Knight). Her vampiric soul was reincarnated in 1996. Francesca's master was Lacroix.
Alyce Hunter
Alyce Hunter

Dr. Alyce Hunter, noted researcher of South American archaeology, first appeared in the pilot episode "Dark Knight." She was brought across by Lacroix at the age of approximately 30, and she has not been heard from since.
The Inca The Inca

The Inca's only appearance was in "Black Buddha 2." He was brought across by Angel and died at the age of 464 by saving many people from a bomb explosion. He was the mortal enemy and vampiric brother of Javier Vachon.

Jack the Ripper
Nearly brought across by Lacroix, Jack's first appearance is in "Bad Blood." Jack is an "unfinished" vampire, also known as Jack the Ripper, of London fame. His age and his current whereabouts are unknown.