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Last updated April 15, 1998.
     The murder victims were found decapitated. 
At first Nick suspected a man newly released from prison who had killed his wife the same way.  But now he must consider another, more horrifying possibility--that one of his own kind is responsible for such grisly handiwork.  An inhuman monstor with a centuries-old score to settle with Nick Knight...
     In his quest for mortality, Nick Knight has tried everything.  But when a mysterious woman gives Nick a strange doll that she claims will grant his wish, the result is a series of dreams more vivid and disturbing than any Nick has ever had before. 
     In them, he is mortal, working in a police department dominated by vampires.  LaCroix ismortal as well, and the leader of the human underground.  Dr. Natalie Lambert is an alluring vampire assigned to make Nick immortal once again-his reward for a job well done... 
     Are they just dreams...or something else?  Nick isn't sure.  Nor is he sure just what price he's willing to pay for his mortality....
     It's midsummer of 1599, and the dashing Nicholas Chevalier is having the time of his immortal life, acting in the company of his friend Will Shakespeare.  But pretending to be human--on stage and off--will have devastating effects. 
     A tortured woman involved with the famous playwright forces Nick to question his vampire life in a way that will affect everyone around him, mortal and immortal.  And, in another part of the city, a ship has landed, bringing one Javier Vachon, and his new companion Screed, whose clumsly deeds threaten to reveal the vampire community to the world...
Available from Berkley Boulevard Books at bookstores everywhere.  Go out and
buy a few...

And now, a word from Susan Garrett about where to write to encourage
Sony to extend the license for Berkley.

Date:    Fri, 3 Apr 1998
From:    "Susan M. Garrett" <susang@VITINC.COM>

Now that I have your attention--

We've gotten through to Sony Product Development.  Would you like to know
why they summarily dismissed any idea of doing any more Forever Knight
novels or merchandising?


They didn't know that it was on the SciFi Channel or that they had a three
year contract and were promoting it heavily with marathons.

Okay, now, take a breath.

There's a possibility of getting more books, audio tapes, t-shirts, posters
and other LICENSED merchandise out of this (can we say 'logo t-shirts?).
All we have to do is WRITE LETTERS.

The address is:

Sony Product Development
TriStar Building, 3rd Floor
10102 West Washington Blvd.
Culver City, CA 90232

What do you say?

Tell them which of the FK books you've purchased and how many.  Tell them
that you want more books.  Tell them if you'd like audio tapes of the books
read by the actor or original FK books on tape.  Tell them if you'd like
licensed merchandise, like logo t-shirts and photo t-shirts and mugs.

The most important thing is the books, but it doesn't hurt to let them know
that you want the books and MORE and that you've got the money waiting to
spend on FK merchandise.  And one more thing:


If you don't get the SciFi Channel, tell them that you're ticked that you
don't and that you're IMPATIENTLY waiting for the FK video tapes, which are
supposed to be out this summer.

I've seen a lot of posts in the past 24 hours about what we can and cannot
do,  money not being there but fan support being overwhelming--

YOU CAN MAKE THE DIFFERENCE!  Merchandise is the first step toward
getting Sony and USA to compromise about the TV Movies.  If they think there is
money to be made, they will be there with bells on.

So, PLEASE, if you do nothing else this weekend, write a letter to Sony
Product Development.  Just write 1 letter.  If we can send seven people to
face down the television industry at NATPE, if we could raise and ccontinue
to raise well over a hundred thousand dollars for charitable causes, if we
can still be HERE, talking about the series five years after the start of
the list and still going strong,

We CAN do this.

(My apologies for shouting.  I'm very excited about this.)


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