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The links here were last checked on Feb 27, 1999
Save Forever Knight 

For an excellent example of how organized fans can use the Web and the Net to raise money for charity, perform many good deeds (like donating blood), fold a hell of a lot 
of paper cranes, and generally look like a very professional lobbying group, I recommend visiting the Save Forever Knight web page. 

Sony Pictures Entertainment's Forever Knight Home Page 

A few good blurbs about FK. Excellent station listings. Bios are standard; background info is cheesy as are the exclusives. Cool video clips and audio sounds (for Macs and IBMs!). Some of the links come back on themselves, so don't be suprised to find yourself back where you started. 

Mr Happy’s FK Site  

Another really good page for Forever Knight -- check it out! He's got a different approach to an episode guide, logs of chats with our favorite actors and more.  Worth  your time. 

Jaime's Page  

Has the imfamous Pizza page--if you haven't seen it, you should stop everything and go there--NOW. 

BJTurner’s FK page  

A page with links for all the characters, as well as the purity test.  I'm fond of this one because of the quote files.  Check 'em out. 

Forever Knight  

Bev Freed's Forkever Knight page 
has tons of good information on 
subscribing to lists, finding merchandise, links and fiction. 

Forever Knight Web Page  

Excellent page -- with a wonderful set of character pages, describing who Nick, Natalie, Janette, LaCroix and everybody else is.  Best part is all those great sound files! 

Pio's FK Home Page 

Eerily pretty with excellent pics you'll drool over. 


The Cabinet of Dr. Casey: The Horror Web Page 

Loads of information about literature and film with respect to horror.  Contains, audio and graphic files, and lots of text. Check it out! 

Black Harbour 

If you liked Geraint Wyn Davies in 
Forever Knight, you might want to check out his latest television series, Black Harbour. 

Lucard's Home Page 

 Here you will find some Questions and Answers about Lucard and his television series, 
Lucard's noteworthy quotations, information about the cast and crew and guest characters 
of "Dracula: the Series," and a list of all the episodes with brief plot summaries. More 
features will be added in the future, especially if I hear from people about what else they'd 
like to see. [Ed.: GWD has a recurring role on this show.] 


 The NUKE Internet Interface is a multi-purpose web-site designed to deliver the latest information on a wide variety of subjects.You can refer to NUKE for Video Game, Computer Entertainment Software, Sci-Fi/Action Movie, Sci-Fi/Action TV content. In each section you'll find news, reviews, interviews, and more - much of it exclusive to the NUKE service. Sports and more! Nuke will always be growing, always be changing, to fit your needs. 


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