The 1994-96 Forever Knight Premise

The 1993-94 Premise

He was brought across in 1228. Preyed on humans for their blood. Now he wants to be mortal again. To repay society for his sins. To emerge from his world of darkness. From his endless, forever night.

Forever Knight chronicles the life of Nick Knight (Geraint Wyn Davies), a 13th century vampire living in a modern metropolis. Knight seeks to regain his mortality and rid himself of the savage blood lust that has consumed him for more than 700 years by once again embracing the mortal world.

He takes his first step toward the world of the living when he joins the city's police force. Serving as a homicide detective permanently assigned to the night shift, Knight sets out to clean up the crime ridden city with the help of his partner, Tracey Vetter (Lisa Ryder), an attractive 25-year-old "by the book cop.

Aiding him in his quest is department pathologist Dr. Natalie Lambert (Catherine Disher). The only mortal privy to his dark secret, she searches for a way to restore his mortality while helping him adjust to his new life. A devoted friend and confidante, she describes his condition as a severe allergy to sunlight, and will always step forward with a medical explanation when his strange ailment is questioned by Nick's suspicious new captain, Joe Reese (Blue Mankuma).

Tortured by his evil past, Knight begins to distance himself from the vampire community as he slowly rediscovers mortal thoughts and feelings. Some in the community, however, are not pleased by his flight from the shadows. LaCroix (Nigel Bennett), his former master and the one who gave Nick his immortality, wants him back and will do whatever it takes to conquer his former pupil. And Vachon (Ben Bass), a 16th ventury "Lost Boy" vampire, searches for greater meaning in his life, but also questions Knight's quest to regain his immortality [sic].

Nick, still relying on blood to sustain him, faces a constant struggle to suppress his savage hunger to feed. With each passing day, however, he learns to deal with the rage that torments his soul, bringing him one step closer to mortality.

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