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The Forever Knight Soundtrack is available for direct mail order from GNP Crescendo Records on compact disk ($12.98) with a nominal $5.00 shipping charge.  Canada $5.00 S&H plus $1.00 per additonal item.  Overseas add $7.00 Airmail for first item plus $2.00 per additional item.
Allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.  Buy three CD's and get one free

 For Visa or Mastercard orders, call GNP at 1-800-654-7029 and ask for item number GNPD 8058. For regular mail order send checks or money order to:

 GNP Crescendo Records
8400-A Sunset Blvd.
Hollywood, CA 90069

Phone:  (323) 656-2614
Fax:  (323) 656-0693
Toll Free 1-800-654-7029
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This week Mark Banning of
GNP/Crescendo announced the release of:

More Music From the Television Series FOREVER KNIGHT

Special guests include:
Geraint Wyn Davies
Nigel Bennett
John Kapelos

Included are more wonderful vocals by Lori Yates and Molly Johnson and of course, the haunting music of award-winning composer Fred Mollin.

Songs include:
The Night Calls My Name
Heart of Darkness
Destiny's Edge
Break the Silence

Suites include:
Black Buddha
The Human Factor
Ashes to Ashes
Games Vampires Play
Last Knight
and more!

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