Step 1:  Excavate - Part 1

Excavation begins June 22 - and stops.
Hit Rock and Hardpan three feet down.
We have half a hole.

Plan A.  Try to find an industrial-sized
"Thumper" - almost got one of the 7
in the valley.  But no such luck.

Plan B.  Get someone to blast.
Got a guy, just can't get him off of  
'the job from hell' in Park City where
believe it or not they are blasting
holes so they can plant trees.  More
than 20 apparently ... why don't
they just plant moss?

Still Waiting....
And Waiting......

Half a Hole

Step 2:  Blast. (After waiting a month.)
Drilling holes begins August 3.  177
holes are drilled to blast out the foundation.
Blasting - August 9 (3 phases)
He blasts the basement out in 3 steps
from shallowest to deepest.  No windows
broken, just a lot of dust, and the fire
department in their 'BRT'  (Big Red Truck)
and 'LRT' (Little Red Truck) showed up
to watch - and make sure we didn't have
a fire.  Pretty Cool!

Blast Part 1
Blast Part 2
Blast Part 3
Blast Part 4

Click Here to see video of Blast # 2

Step 3:  Excavate - Part 2

August 15-17 the excavator returns and
digs out the rubble.  Piles up boulders
the size of Rhode Island (okay, so we
exaggerate a bit) and makes this big
hole in the ground.

Digging the Hole