Step 40:  Floor Finishing
September 8 - The first coast of finish is applied to the floors.  It looks really dark after seeing natural wood for over two weeks.  It also looks blotchy because its just the first coat.  They came in on Saturday to do it since they were running behind and our cabinets are being delivered on Monday.  Glenn also finishes painting a second coat where cabinets are going in.  All of the ceilings now have two coats of paint on them.  We’ve also started installing the can lighting in the ceilings.  It’s weird having lights after dark.  It’s almost like being in civilization again.

Cabinet Installation  

Step 41:  Cabinets
September 10 - The cabinets are delivered and installed in both the kitchen and the master bath.  Suddenly the living space is defined.  It makes it seem bigger and yet smaller at the same time.  Meanwhile, the septic pipes are run across the road and the road is covered back up. 
Bathroom Cabinets

The kitchen wall cabinets were installed first, and then the island.
Kitchen Cabinets

You can also see the floor in these shots.  They put down paper over the high traffic areas to protect the floor. Once we finish everything else, they will come back and put the last coats of finish on the floor.  In the meantime, we have to deal with paper.

We had tiny little samples to work from, but we are really pleased with how everything is blending together.
Kitchen Cabinets

Step 42:  Interior Doors
September 12 - The interior doors are delivered.  They are all stacked up in the library.  My they are beautiful.  We also received notification that the appliances are here and ready for delivery.  Mathes, our plumber returned to remove the blocks in the plumbing system.  We now have water available in the house -- well, we would if we had any faucets or toilets, that is.

September 13 - Countertops.  The guy came and measured for the granite countertops.  He used a very high-tech laser system.  Glenn was almost speechless with admiration.  He does love hi-tech electronic types of things. 
Kitchen Cabinets