Step 10:  Framing

What can I say, fate continues to be quirky. The only time we have a contractor that is ready to start on time...we can't get started, Mother Nature saw fit to shower us with snow and cold.  So much so, that the the lumber truck was unable to get up Shaggy Mountain Road on Monday, and on Tuesday unable to get up our private road. After we got it sanded and cleared, they finally made it up on Wednesday.  And as soon as they got the lumber delivered, the framers started (November 30).   

Framing begins...
Even covered in snow, it is a really a beautiful location.  But Dorothy is pretty sure that on cold, snowy days, she'll be staying home with a cup of hot cocoa and a good least until the road is plowed and sanded....
A view from the next hill over...
Step 11:  Framing Continued

Framing continues, and so does the excitement.  Monday December  4th as they were doing the first floor stringers, one of the framing crew lost his balance, and fell through to the basement floor ten feet below.

Glenn was there at the time, (luckily) but didn't realize what had happened until the firetruck and paramedics showed up.  The crew had called 911.  Then the police and a county guy, with apparently nothing better to do, showed up.  Glenn helped bring Sergio up to the paramedic truck, and after he was stabilized, he was lifeflighted to LDS Hospital.  So, now we know, we can have a helicopter land on the road right in front of our house.
Even better, Sergio has been released from the hospital and is fine.  So, we feel very lucky.

Work has continued and the basement is now framed, and the first floor is getting close to being done.

We walked through the house on Saturday (Dec 9) and for the first time could really visualize what it would look like and how spacious it is.
Here you can see the view that will be framed by our living room window.  Isn't it beautiful.  

And while we were there we saw three deer and a buck hanging out in our front yard.  
December has brought snow, and lately there has been six inches in of the fluffy white stuff in our house.  But work has continued despite the weather.  Here you can see our dining nook, full of snow.

And of course, when we were ready to have the roof trusses delivered, we had another storm.  We don't know if this company is just chicken or what, but they can never deliver on a snowy day.  They get part way up the hill and no further.  However, on the second day (when it wasn't snowing) they finally delivered the roof trusses.
Dining Nook
This picture was taken on December 29th.  As you can see the snow has finally melted off some, and the roof trusses are up.  They still have to put up the trusses over the porch and deck, but we expect the sheathing will be completed this week.
Roof Trusses going up