Step 12:  Finishing Framing
Work on the house slowed down in January due to the cold, windy and snowy conditions.  But when the weather cooperated, the framers continued on, and framing was done with the exception of a couple of small interior walls and the roof over the front porch by mid January.  With the inversion and chilly temperatures (daytime getting to about 22, nights anywhere between 0 and 12) we were unable to pour the front porch.  We needed temperatures of at least 29 degrees and rising.  So we waited.

Framing begins...
Glenn got his brothers Steven and Brian to come help start putting up the supporting framework in the cold room to pour the front porch.  This was a little different than originally planned, but when they poured the foundation they put the rebar to close to the edge, leaving no place for a lip to support the front porch.
Glenn worked with the structural engineer and came up with plan B.  He got a length of steel cut into three pieces with support pieces.  These three pieces were bolted to the porch (look behind the yellow ladder and you can see one piece that they were getting ready to bolt into place) creating a lip to hold the porch.  After the pieces were bolted in place, two additional pieces were placed beneath the breaks, and welded in place as additional support.  Then Glenn began putting up the framework to hold the cement for the front porch.
Porch Framing
In the meantime, the rough plumber came by and brought some supplies, but we had to clear the ice and snow out of the ice, and in some places there was more than six inches.  Dorothy spent a Friday afternoon with a propane blowtorch melting smaller chunks in the kitchen area.  Glenn and Gabe worked on Saturday to break up the big pieces - and Gabe really got into swinging a mallet - and actually punched through the floor in one place.  But we can rebuild--we have the technology (and a whole lot of wood).

Cleaning out the ice and snow
Interior 2
The house really feels like a house now that the walls and roof are up.
Interior 3
Then the inversion finally cleared out, temperatures rose, and on February 7, we finally poured the front porch.  While we wait for it to cure, Glenn has started roofing the garage.
Next up...the framers will be back on Monday, February 12th to finish the roofing and some small interior walls.  We also expect the plumber to start late this week.   Winter has slowed us down, but things are starting to pick back up again.

We sat out on the back deck last Saturday and enjoyed the view as the sun went down and lights started coming on throughout the valley.  We can hardly wait to get this house done and move in!
Back of the House