Step 7:  Filling in Around the Foundation and Grading the Ground

The excavator's equipment made it on Wednesday, November 8.  The excavator arrived to start up the backhoe on Thursday.  He's been quite busy pushing dirt around.  He plucked out the 11 or so stumps of scrub Juniper that Glenn cut down in about 10 minutes.

Backfilling #2

He's dumped a lot of dirt in the garage foundation, and he expects to be done on Monday.  He's leaving us a whole lot of boulders to use in landscaping.  This is very rocky soil!  (And yes it was sleeting part of the time--I think winter is coming.)

It really looks different now that you can walk right up to the house.  

With all the dirt piles gone, and the terrain smoothed out, the view has opened up, and you can start to see what it will be like when its done.

  Backfill Done!