Step 34:  Insulation

July 13, 2007.  Even as they were adding the extra sprinklers, the insulators arrived and began prepping the exterior walls with a mesh-like material.  All exterior walls will have insulation blown in.  This will ensure that we have maximum coverage in cold and hot weather.  The insulators stayed late into the evening getting it done.  Additionally, they were packing insulation in on nterior walls.  They were still there, when Glenn and I came back to look at the sprinklers and discuss some other issues.

 Exterior Insulation Prep

Monday, July 16:  The insulation was blown in.  The house sounds different now.  It no longer echoes.  It also is cooler, too, which is great, because it has been incredibly hot this month.  We've had 12 days over 100 degrees, and a whole lot more so close, you couldn't really tell the difference.  We've noticed that we get a nice breeze through, and we might not have to use the AC much because of it.  

Meanwhile, Glenn has been continuing the work of putting up siding.  Today, he started on the house.  The garage is getting close to done.


Step 35:  Exterior Doors
The front door arrived in town on June 26, and was delivered to the house a couple of days later.  Once we had the front door, we decided to rethink our decision about the back door.  We were going to save money by using an existing door, but after looking it over, we decided to spend the money and get an eight-foot back door as well.  
Front Door

The back door was ordered and once the alder arrived, it was manufactured locally by a friend of Glenns.  It arrived about June 16.  Glenn arranged for a profession to install them on Saturday.  This guy was one of the guys who installed our windows.  What a difference a door makes!  While it was sitting in the office, I felt dwarfed by it, but, when installed, it feels great.  Both doors were done in about three hours.  And the house is really starting to feel like a house, not a shell.   We also ordered our interior doors, and they should be ready at the end of August.
Back Door