Step 30:  Finishing the Balcony Porch and Patio

Since Glenn and Craig filled in the back patio area with pea gravel and smoothed it out, it was time to get ready to pour the cement.   June 19th, the cement crew came and set up the forms on the back patio and on the balcony.   After they left, Glenn redid the step out onto the patio so that it was wide enough to step on. (Their idea of a step and his were quite different.) He also prepped the areas by putting down tar paper and mesh.

     Prepping the Patio

June 20:  The cement trucks came, crews came, and they began to pour the balcony.  It was first so that they wouldn't get any cement spatter on the patio below. They had poured about one-third of the balcony when things began to go wrong--really wrong!  The steel bar that was placed in the footing, and which the wood post was set on, buckled.  The porch dropped about 3-1/2 inches on the outer edge.  

Glenn, who was driving up the road at the time, saw the fear on the eight or so guys working on the balcony.  They all leaped off the balcony and into the house. Everyone thought the balcony was going to rip away from the house and fall to the ground.  If it went, the roof we go as well, and the house would be a total loss.  It didn't.  

The cement contractor, who wasn't there showed up within about 15 minutes, and he and Glenn discussed what to do.  They had to do it fast because they had two loads of cement, and if it took too long, the cement would be a loss--and we'd have to pay for the two truckfulls of cement.  

Pouring the Balcony

After a some discussion, Glenn left and went into Herriman to the Checker Auto Store and purchased to bottle jacks.  They put them on top of wood posts and jacked the balcony back up to where it was supposed to be.  Then they finished pouring the balcony and smoothed it out.  Since part of the cement was what they called 'hot', it took more time to get it smoothed out.

The Finished Balcony

Then they prepared to pour the bottom, they poured the pillars around the post and waited a bit, but found they still couldn't remove the bottle jacks and extra posts, (it still wanted to drop) so Glenn told them to pour it with them in place.  We have some extra wood in our lower back deck, and two bottle jacks still sitting there as well. Glenn plans on replacing the jacks with wood or steel, and since we are putting tapered columns in there, it will all be hidden, and we will have some extra support.  Needless to say, Glenn was exhausted after such a fun-filled day.

The Finished Patio