Step 19: Roofing Cont'd

Roofing has continued throughout March in fits and starts.  The weather has not been kind.  The wind tried to blow Glenn off the roof one day, and stormy weather has been in vogue.  Nevertheless, the main roof is done except for the roof cap.

The bump outs still need shingles, and the garage is not finished, but Glenn hopes to get the roofing done the first week of April.

A bone spur has been bothering Glenn and also slowed down work, but a cortisone shot seems to have done the trick.

Step 20:  Dirt, Glorious Dirt!

March 22, the power was out for a couple of hours, and we ended up going out to dinner.  There happened to be a Nickel want ad, that listed free dirt.
Glenn pulled out his phone and called.
Yep, free dirt, the only cost was delivery, and he got a good deal on that.  We put it by the walk-out basement door, since we need to build it up to pour concrete.
Both Brian and Gabe and have helped push dirt around.

On Friday, the dirt guy called up, with an even better deal on delivery since he was desperate to dump it somewhere, so we have more piles in front of the garage to fill in there for the concrete pad.  Who would have thought dirt could be so exciting?

Step 21:  On Going Cleanup

We've also continued clean up.  Dorothy spends time every Saturday trying to pick up the week's debris so we won't have to have another dumpster delivered.  Gabe has been pulling the forms on the porch and removing nails from salvageable wood.


Of course, there is some time to let the troops relax in the warmth of the sun....

Step 22: Roofing Cont'd
April 14 (give or take)  The roof on both the house and garage are finally done.!
The weather refused to cooperate, and there was alternating wind, rain and sun. But at last its done.  Glenn is really, really glad to be off the roof.
House Roof

Step 23: Fixing Problems
Once again, we failed to pass the shear wall inspection, and the framers, as well as the foundation guys have been back to fix things.   Building a house is a huge learning experience, but we feel like things are going pretty well.  
Garage Roof