Step 39: Septic System
August 27 - At last, Tony finally showed up.  He was supposed to start the first of July, but his back hoe had a piece break off and (to make a long story short) had to have the piece manufactured and sent.  It didn’t come.  Then he went on vacation.  Then when he finally got it, he still had to finish the job he was on before ours.  So after waiting what seemed like forever, he finally showed up and began digging the hole for the Septic tank.  This is good because we are getting tired of walking all the way up the drive to the port-a-potty.

August 30 - The septic tank was delivered and is waiting for Tony to finish the hole.  The ground is hard, but at least its not solid rock and he’s getting the job done.  Of course, since he did the excavation for the foundation and the water, he knows what he is up against.  At the same time, the fascia was replaced on the front of the house.  It had been damaged earlier by the delivery of  sheet rock(?).  Glenn also decided he was running out of time (he’s already run out of energy) and hired some guys to finish the siding on the upper portion of the house and garage where we are doing fishscale.  It is a big burden off his shoulders.

August 31 - The septic tank was installed in the ground. 
Digging the Septic Tank Hole

August 31 - Greg, the guy who is doing our tile and slate called to say he could start Monday.  That put a rocket under us.  We went and selected the granite, slate and tile.  Then we went and ordered carpet - we had already picked it out about a month ago.
Sept 1 - We found out that Arizona Tile could deliver the tile until the following Friday, and we couldn’t wait, so we went to Contempo and chose some very similar but very available tile, and picked it up and took it out to the house so we could be ready.

Sept 3 - Labor day.  We labored.  Dorothy primed the downstairs porch ceiling, while Glenn began work on making the washer/dryer box in the mudroom.  At lunch time we went out on the deck to sit down and eat a sandwich and discovered we didn’t have a table and chairs, or beach chairs anymore.  They were just gone… then we got looking and realized we’d been vandalized.  Someone had thrown them down from the deck at the septic tank -- more like around the septic tank in the space around it which has yet to be filled in.  Then they had thrown rocks on top and basically trashed everything (except for the plastic table).  The pedastal separated from the top (which it had a habit of doing) and they didn’t do anything else to it.  So we salvaged that.  Glenn called and reported it.  We felt really sad.  We hadn’t seen any problems in a whole year, until this.

Tony showed up on Labor day as well, and trenched across the road for the pipe to go to the drain field.  So something good happened today despite the bad start.
Digging for the line

Laying pipe
Laying pipe

September 4 - Greg showed up and started working in the shower.  The guys working on siding finished the east side of the house.  The guys working on the floor installation are getting close.  They said it would take a week, it’s taken two.

Trenching across the road
Filling the trench across the road

Trenching down the hill to the drain field

Trenching the drain field
Drain field