Step 36:  Sheet-rock
Wow!  at last we are getting somewhere  On Monday July 23, the sheet-rockers arrived with plenty of sheet-rock.   Extra, in fact.  When Glenn realized how much of the upper level would be done to insulate the attic, he ordered extra so we can finish the loft and guest room first after moving in.  That way, we can have guests stay with us (and not in a sleeping bag), much sooner than we thought.  They had all the walls up by July 26th.  It took them about 3 and 1/2 days to do it.  We originally planned on Glenn doing it, but it was such a big job, it would have taken forever--and we are running out of time.  We are really glad Glenn didn't do it.  The roof about killed him, and that was enough for one house.

To the right is a view of the kitchen area and hallway.

Kitchen/Dining Nook

Above is a view looking into the dining nook from the living area.  Above right is from the library looking towards the entry way (and the really beautiful front door).

To the right is a view of the mudroom and the back door.

Step 37:  More Siding
Siding work continues unabated, as contractors do the sheet-rock and mudding and taping.  

Garage Siding

Brian came out and helped fix the straps on the house so that they were flat, allowing the siding to lay flat.
Fixing the straps

Glenn hired Craig (who went and got a job) to come back and finish doing the tyvek as high as he could on a ladder.  
Craig putting up tyvek on the West side

By August 3rd, the front of the house was sided, and half of the columns done.  The east side is done as high as the trim board, and Glenn is working on back door.  The week of August 6-10, he hopes to have the back of the house done.  
The front of the house

Glenn hired out the sheet rock for the ceilings on the front and back porch and deck while he is continuing to work on siding.   They showed up on Monday, Aug 6th and had it done pretty quickly.  
Porch Ceiling Sheetrock

Meanwhile, the sheetrock has been mudded and taped and we are ready for the finish mudding.

The type of style used on the interior walls is called “wholly smooth.  It has a very old world look to it - sort of rustic.  Glenn says he’s also heard it called Venetian plaster.  Either way, its very nice.  Now that it is done, Glenn is working on getting the walls primed.

 Great Room Basic Mud

Wholly Smooth Finish Mud  

Wholly Smooth Finish Mud

Mudding in the Great Room