Step 31:  Siding  
Siding was delivered on June 21.  At last, we were ready to start doing something that would change the appearance of our house and make it look like, well, a house!  Friday, Glenn and Craig put up tyvek (house wrap) on the side of the garage.  On Saturday, June 23, Glenn and his brothers Steven and Brian started on the west side of the garage.  It took them a while to figure out what worked the best, but by the time they left we had siding up to the top of the door.  We couldn't go any farther until we got a ??? to put over the door to protect it from rain.  Over the next couple of Craig and Glenn put siding up on the back side of the garage and around on the east side.  It isn't really hard to do, but it is still taking longer than Glenn had hoped.  
  Garage Siding starts

Step 32: Power
On June 27, Glenn arrived early and plugged his saw into the power cord--and it didn't work.  He traced it back to the temporary power pole and discovered it had been disconnected.  So then he went and checked where the main power went into the garage.  Sometime in the dark of night, Utah Power had come and connected up the power.  Glenn flipped the circuit breaker for the garage--and voila!  We had power.  The next day Glenn brought his little fridge up.  Now there could always be a cold drink, and food.  No more buying ice.  No more messing with the super long extension cord.  Not to mention, now we could shut the garage doors and lock it up.  Things are definitely looking good.

However, we should mention that (big surprise) the sprinkler guy didn't show up.  Looks like more waiting.
   Garage Siding