Step 30:  Water and Power

May 19th: A trench has been dug this week to lay power and water lines from where they are stubbed to the property line.  Our excavator has really worked hard to dig the trench and brought in special equipment so that we wouldn't have to blast again--and it worked--but it took a lot of effort.

The trench runs down the driveway to the garage, and then makes a hard left across the front of the garage to the house.

May 30:  This weekend Marcel and Glenn finished running the wiring between the house and the garage and finished up the work on the main box on the garage so its ready for inspection.  Once we have our four-way inspection, we hope to have power in the garage so Glenn can set up his workbench for all the finish work.  Not to mention having a little fridge to keep a supply of cold drinks in...
     trenching for water and power

Not  only did we bring power in, but the excavator brought in the water.  Its actually a foot below the power lines.  They filled in the bottom of the trench with pea gravel, laid the power line and then put more pea gravel down before laying the conduit for the power lines.  
Glenn also put in a line for his air compressor, so that he can use it in either the house or the garage.  He's really worked hard to plan for all contingencies.
Garage to House Trench
  Conduits to main Breaker Box

We have also had two freeze proof faucets put in, one at the bottom of the drive, and one by the garage.  

After getting the framers back for the last time to fix a beam (and after three tries they got it right), the plumbers came in and finished the plumbing, moved a drain, and tested the pipes in the house.  Yes, we finally got the water hooked up.  

Hooking up to the water system was quite an adventure.  Since its a private water system, we called last fall to find out about hooking up and were STUNNED to hear how much it would cost to hook up, and that didn't include the cost of installing the meter, and the meter itself.  It was quite a tidy sum in four figures.  However, when we finally came up with the money (tax return) it turned out that the big portion was already done by the developer and we only had to fork over @$1600 for meter installation.  So that was a really nice little present.  (We took a small vacation on it to see Glenn's folks).  

Step 31:  The Four-Way Inspection
So, guess what, we were ready for the 4-way inspection, which is the biggie of inspections.  We had it last Thursday, June 14, and only had 13 writeups.  All of them are already fixed except one, and Glenn hopes to be re-inspected later this week.  So we are finally clearing all the hurdles.
  freeze proof faucet

The sprinkler guy said to wait until after the 4-way, so he is going to show up this week to do our interior sprinkler system.

They concrete guy was there today (June 19) to set up forms for the back porch, and he will pour the patio and the balcony tomorrow. (Many thanks to Craig, my nephew who helped haul pea gravel and get the patio ready).  

The siding has been ordered and arrives on Thursday, and the sprinkler guy is supposed to come then, too.

And, finally, at the 4-way, the garage was approved, and Glenn was allowed to install all the outlets.  The power company has been notified that everything is good, and they can bring in the power line to the main box.  Glenn is calling the power company tomorrow to get power in, so he can use the garage.  Gabe is helping move work benches and tools up tomorrow, so Glenn will have a better base for doing all the finish work.  

Since Glenn is now working full time on the house things are SCREAMING along !!!!

I can hardly wait to test out that new tub....