Step 38:  Floors
The weekend of Aug 17-18 we did a massive cleanup on the inside of the house.  Luckily the sheet rock people had hauled out all their debris, but there was a lot of dust, mud, and stuff that needed to be gone so we could be ready for hardwood floor installation.  After all the clearing out, Dorothy used the shop vac and vacuumed all the floors.  It looked like a different place.

  August 20 - The flooring materials arrived and were staged in the Library.  It was a good choice since this room will have carpet and not hardwood floors.  On August 21, the installers showed up -- about 11 a.m. -- and began installing the hardwood floor.  They began in the entry way and ran boards all the way down the hall back to the main living area.  Then they left early.  It was a sign of things to come.  They did that most days, but a couple of days they did stay late at the end to get the job done. 
 Staging Area

Flooring - Looking towards the Great Room
Flooring - Looking towards the Front Door  

Aug 24 - While the floor guys were working on installing the hardwood, Glenn and I went to Home Depot and picked up some paint swatches.  We selected some colors and took them out to the house.  What we liked in the lighting of the Condo, was NOT what we liked in the natural light at the house.  We chose different colors and then went and got a couple of gallons to test out on various walls. 
 Kitchen Area

Glenn painted a bedroom wall, a couple of small walls in the living dining area, and part of the library.  We sat on the floor and looked at it for a while, looked at each other, and said, “I like it!”  So we went and got a whole lot of paint and spent Saturday the 25th painting the office, the living/dining area, the bedroom, the thru-hall.  Glenn painted ceilings, Dorothy painted walls.  Most ceilings got two coats so we could be ready to start putting can light rings up.  Between other things (like on-going siding) Glenn painted the mud-room as far as he could before running out of paint on the 27th.  We also painted the hall bathroom a bright yellow and the master bath a calm dover white.
 Paint Test in Great Room Entertainment Nook

Paint Test in Dining Nook
 Paint Test in Bedroom

Seeing the place really start to take shape, made Glenn feel like celebrating.  
  Small Celebration