Step 15:  Windows

The windows arrived in town back in the middle of January, and finally with the framers done, we had them delivered on Monday February 19.  With 29 windows lying around, Glenn decided it was time to go camping.  He spent Monday through Thursday sleeping up at the house.  Monday he slept in the 'bedroom', but It was really windy on Tuesday and he retreated to the trailer.
The view at night is spectacular!

The window guys mentioned that they didn't have much work right now, and offered us a really, really good deal to install for us, so Glenn decided to take them up on it.  They would start on Thursday
Hive of Activity  

Step 16:  Rough Plumbing

With framing done, the rough plumbing began on February 20.  It's a good thing we spent a lot of time last summer picking everything because they needed the tub ASAP.  So Glenn went and got it, and they put it in place.   and was completed in just a few days.  Wow, things are really picking up.



Windows 1

Turns out, most of the window openings were just a bit off (like 1 to 3 inches) and the framers had to come back to fix them.  Just as fast as they fixed an opening the window guys were putting in the windows.  The first day, they got the upstairs windows and most of the main floor windows in, as well as the sliders.  We had a couple missing in our bedroom and the dining nook was still breezy.

  Windows 2

Friday, they came back and got all the windows in the mud room and main floor done, as well as two windows in the basement.  The slider and windows that were in concrete weren't done before the weather closed in and snow began to fly.
They said they wouldn't be back until the following Wednesday, but Glenn was surprised to see that they showed up sometime Monday and finished the job. Now we just have two gaping holes left...front and back door.
Windows 3

Step 17:  Roofing

Meanwhile, Glenn started working on the roof.  Shingles were delivered, and Glenn got the garage front done three-fourths of the way up, and the front porch was started, but the weather just isn't cooperating!  We've had a storm every other day.  We planned a roofing party for March 3, but had to cancel due to the snow that fell on Friday.  Too cold, and the roof was still covered with snow.
We will try again next weekend.
Windows 4

Step 18:  Heating and Cooling

The heating and air-conditioning team showed up on Monday, February 26th and measured for a couple of hours.
They said they would be back as soon as they finished manufacturing everything--probably on Tuesday.  Glenn and I were skeptical because another storm was coming in, and they had a rear-wheel van which they didn't bring up the road on Monday, but sure enough they were there on Tuesday and by week's end the furnace was in and most of the ducting in the basement and main floor were done.  However, Glenn noticed they ran the ducts right through our 'future' elevator shaft, so they have a littel re-routing to do.