Step 46: Oh forget the steps, there's too many of them to count!

Sept 27-28:  Glenn had found a guy to do the railing for the back deck, and ordered that about three weeks ago.  It was supposed to take five or six, but the order in front of us fell through, and Reno got right on the job.  He brought it out and assembled it this week.  It looks very nice.  But when he got done, Reno realized that he forgot to bring the latch to latch the gate, so he will be back with that next week.  Now at least little kids won’t fall 20 feet down to the hard ground--which actually almost happened a few weeks ago when Gabe and Des brought some friends out.  Their friends two-year old made a run towards the edge of the deck, scaring them all.  Luckily, they were able to stop the kid from reaching the edge.

Reno came back on Oct 3 (during our non-vacation) and finished the railing by adding the latch. 

Deck Railing  

Oct 13 - Just found out that the Kitchen pendants are still on back-order, they were supposed to be in today, but it looks like another week.  This may be problem for us as time is getting short. 

Glenn has been working non-stop getting all the trim in place in the rooms carpet will be in, and then getting it painted.  Window and floor trim are all in and done. The last trim put in place and painted was the stairwell trim. Glenn actually had to fix some of the risers, as they were too close to the walls to allow for trim.  Gabe came out and helped paint.  And of course, Dorothy had the job of filling and sanding all the nail holes before any of that painting got done.  Not only is the trim done, but two coats of paint on the walls and ceilings.  It looks really nice.  Of course, the other rooms haven't been neglected, they were just done after the carpet rooms.  Gabe has spent a whole lot of time lying around (quite literally) painting trim in the halls, the living room, the office... well, just about everywhere.

Dorothy also vacuumed the dust off of all the floors with the shop vac, AGAIN.  This is really a BIG, thankless task.  But the place is ready for carpet.
Painting the walls before carpeting the stairs
Painting Trim
October 16 - The carpet was installed.  It is amazing how quickly this place is starting to look like a house.  It seemed like it was stuck in this framed state for, well, forever.  But now it is moving so fast we can hardly catch our breath. Glenn immediately put the sticky plastic down on the carpet in the bedroom so Greg won’t get it dirty as he goes back and forth from the deck to the bathroom working on tile.  We don’t have much carpet-- only the library, bedroom and closet have carpet, but it looks very nice.  It is definitely starting to feel like a house.  However, guess who didn't take any pictures of the carpet?  Hmm.  Think we are getting way too busy.

Today the propane tank was delivered.  They  brought it out on a truck with a boom crane.  Because we are putting in the ground (Glenn has a thing about propane tanks - they're ugly) they hung it out on the crane while Glenn painted it with 2 layers of tar-like stuff that was required if you put it in the ground.  Then they swung it over the hole, lowered it in and covered it up.  Pretty slick.
  Propane Line

October 17 - Glenn has finished installing the microwave, oven, dishwasher and trash compactor.  The kitchen is really shaping up.  All that's left is the cooktop and range hood. Glenn will be getting some help with the cooktop from the Jared who put in the furnace.  He will make sure that the propane is hooked up to the cooktop correctly.

And it just so happens that they came back and installed the propane line today, so we can move forward with getting the propane.  Good thing.  It is getting chilly around here. The weather has gotten much colder.  However, we will have to get some propane in it before we can do that.

Oct 19 - The entry way light arrived, and Dorothy picked it up and brought it out to the house.  The light for the hall bathroom is on backorder and not expected in until mid-November.  Not exactly good news.  We may have to improvise in the meantime.

Oct 20 - Glenn hung the entry way light.  We stood and admired it.  We really like it.  Considering we picked it from a small picture in a catalog, we think we did really well.  We had originally planned to have tall entrance, but the way the hall and rooms joined on, we didn't think it looked good, so we lowered the ceiling to 9 feet.  

Try finding a light that is at least 20 inches in diameter that doesn't hang down 4 feet. There are a lot of flush mounted lights out there, and a lot of lights that hung too low.  We finally got some help from someone recommended by Direct Buy, and he gave us some very good catalogs to go through.  We found the light, ordered it (along with the matching bathroom light--which as I mentioned is on backorder).  We take a step forward, and a couple back , it seems

In October, we invited everyone out to help clean up on  Saturday the 20th.  It was time to clear out debris and get ready for a lot of finishing touches.  We cleaned the kitchen cabinets out, vacuumed dust up, washed windows on the inside and cleared the rooms of litter. 

Kitchen Island Countertop

On Oct 22, the following Monday, the Granite countertops were installed in the kitchen and the bathroom. As part of the preparation for the countertops, we had to get all the finish plumbing - so they could drill the holes correctly.  We realized this on Sunday night.  We made an emergency run to Standard Plumbing at opening on Monday morning.  We got there at 7, when they opened, but it turns out the order desk didn't get going until 7:30.  So we went down the street to McDonalds and had some breakfast to kill time.   After ordering, Dorothy went to work, and Glenn took the finish hardware to the house, getting there barely before the guys got there to install the granite.

With the countertops in, Glenn started putting in the plumbing in the kitchen.  However, he only started, he got sidetracked, and wouldn't finish for a couple of weeks.  So still no running water in the house

Kitchen Countertops

In the meantime, Glenn has been working on the mudroom tile off and on.  He finally got it all done except for the grout.  He waited to finish it until he completed the box for the washer and dryer, so he could tile that area as well.  Its starting to look really cool.

Oct 23 - Back in September we had begun working on getting a lender for the mortgage loan, and had actually been able to get a VA loan.  The VA appraiser came today to appraise the property.  One of the things that came out of it was that we had to paint the house, not just prime it.  The VA guy was more used to working in sub-divisions developed by developers, not an individual up a canyon literally carving it out of the side of a mountain.  You think he’d have a bit of give.  It was a real blow.
Mud room Tile

The top third of both the house and garage are done, but there’s still a whole lotta house, and not a lot of time.  Worse, the weather could turn too cold at any time, and its not like we have time in the schedule to slip in a three-day house-painting extravaganza.  We are trying to have our final inspection on Nov 5 - coincidentally, the day our construction loan expires. 

Glenn really didn’t know how he was going to get this done, but we had to stick it in with all the other zillion things still to be done.  He's reaching the point of complete and utter exhaustion.  Dorothy decided it was time to take some of that time she'd been saving up for just such emergencies. And then, knowing that there was absolutely no way that we could do it ourselves, Dorothy called in the troops.   She called her sister Jeanne, and asked if she and her husband (newly retired) could come and help.  They said yes.  There was a glimmer of hope....
Bathroom Countertop