Step 43: Hanging the Doors
September 20 - Glenn arranged with the guy who installed the front and back door to come back and install all the interior doors.  It took them most of the morning to get it done.  The look really great hanging there, but they don’t get to stay there.  Glenn is planning on removing the doors from the frames and hanging them downstairs until we are moved in to prevent them from getting scratched and dented by the whole building process.  Meanwhile, the door people came and took the french door away.  They are making a new one.  Hopefully we will get it before we get to the final inspection. 
 Hall Doors with Trim

September 17 - The door mat arrived on …er… our door mat. That was fast!  It was there when I got home from work.  It looks huge.  It was made for a double wide door.  With our sidelights on the front door, it should look good, but it really is big.

September 21 - Glenn ordered interior trim and it arrived today.  Glenn also started working on the appliances.  He put the warming drawer in.  It looks very nice.
Warming Drawer

Step 44:  Trim
September 22 - Glenn started putting trim around the rooms.  All the rooms have one paint of coat on the walls, and two on the ceilings.  The trim around the floors is tall trim, probably about 5-6 inches, and it looks really nice.  Glenn started in the master bedroom and it looks really nice.  Dorothy is following behind patching all the nail holes and sanding them off. 
Step 45:  Lighting
September 24 - We have finally found an entry way light we like.  We lowered the ceiling in our entry way and the one we had chosen was too tall.  It was surprising how hard it was to find a fixture that was approximately 12-16 inches high and over 20 inches in diameter.  But we got referred at Direct Buy to a guy at Lighting Specialists.  He gave us a bunch of books to take home and look through.  And we found a really nice Art Deco type of light.  So we ordered it and a matching one for the hall bathroom.  However, they won’t come in until mid-October at least.

September 25:  The Dining Pendant arrives.  We are too tired to pull it out of the box to look at it.  Glenn just stuck it in the Durango and took it out to the house.  And yes, its official.  We aren’t calling it the property anymore.  Mom was out and took a tour and said.  “It’s a house now, you can’t call it the property anymore.”  So we are now officially calling it “the house”.  It looks like one, finally, on the inside.  It has rooms and doors, cabinets, paint and some trim.  The pace is getting pretty hectic.  We used to be able to keep up, but we’re running pretty much flat out these days trying to get stuff done.
Door between Library and Dining Nook