Nov 1:  We had the county inspector out for a dry-run.  It was very discouraging for both of us.  He had issues with the railing.  Reno hadn’t realized that the deck sloped and  so the railing was about 6 inches off the concrete on the back.  Turns out Glenn and Reno had talked about it when he installed it.  Glenn called and Reno came right out, and took measurements to fix it. 

The other biggies where slope of the ground between house and garage,having some gravel in front of the house where a sidewalk would presumably someday be, and making sure the pipes were boxed in with studs in the basement, and getting a light in the cold storage room.  Additionally,  the stairs that we had created out the back door had to have a landing, and, so did the side entrance to the garage. 

This photo is from after the house was done, but it does show the new bottom rail protecting Gray from falling off the deck.
  New Bottom Raiil to stop the rugrat...
Dorothy took it hard.  So did Glenn, because he is running on empty and so tired. We were trying so hard to have the inspection on the 5th of November, and close on the house since that was when our construction loan would end..  Glenn called Beehive and told them  (Amber and Evelyn) we needed about another week and a half to finish.  He also called Amber at the loan company and told her, too.  We both felt as if our heavy burden had just got heavier.  We are both wondering if we will make it.


Dorothy called Mac and asked if he could help on Friday.  He could.  Jeanne couldn’t because she was taking Mom to the chiropractor for Dorothy, who was, well, working on the house.  He came out and helped put slats in the new improved back landing, among other things.  

Glenn called Greg about the shower and floor in the bathroom.  Greg had arranged for another guy to do the floor tile--but he never showed up.  Greg is close to done on the shower, but we really need to finish the floor so we can work on the tub enclosure and get the toilet installed in the master bath.  Glenn told Greg he would pay him what he would have paid the other guy if Greg could get the floor done by Monday the 12th.  Greg agreed.

Nov 2:  We went and bought the pedastal sink for the hall bathroom. 

Nov 5:  I think Reno came and installed the extra railing, but let’s face it, I’ve lost track of a whole lot o’ stuff and when it happened.  Glenn had the guy who had done the driveway road base come back and help do the grading.  He also put gravel down where the inspector wanted it.

Nov 8:  Greg finished the shower.  It really looks good.  It has to sit for 24 hours and then Dorothy can start to clean the extra grout off..  Meanwhile, Glenn grouted the slate in the mudroom and Dorothy went to Arizona Tile and picked up some sealer and other stuff to bring the color up.  Glenn put that on and it looked really good.

Nov 9:  Glenn started working on getting the pedastal sink in.  He put the pieces in, and put the cut off valves in on the pipes.  Greg has cleared the weekend and started working on the bathroom tile.  It is going very fast, especially when you think about how long it took to do the shower.  He says he’s never doing another shower -- ever. 

Nov 10:  We finally start putting on the kitchen pendants late on Saturday.  We got the wiring all ready and measured so the lights will all be the same length, and called it a day.  (This picture is from after we moved in)

Nov 11:  We finished putting in the kitchen pendants, and it looks great.  I started cleaning the kitchen cabinets -- again.  Dust seems to multiply in front of my eyes.  Dorothy has spent a whole lot of time in the shower trying to clean it up.  Some of it has been very hard to clean off.  Glenn began staining the stair railings.  He gave them a couple of coats and then began sanding and finishing them.  It has turned cold, and we tried turning the furnace on.  We discovered that the furnace wouldn't stay on.  Glenn called the furnace guy and when he came out (later in the week) he determined that the oxygen mixture wasn't right.  He hadn't installed one like this before, so he had to do some tune up from the original installation.  It was a learning curve for him, too.
Pendant Lights

Nov 12:  Glenn bought stuff to start working on setting up the master bedroom closet.  We have talked about the closet design a lot, and like the plan we have come up with.  However, we just don’t have time to really implement it.  Glenn also bought wood and began working on making the bannister railings.  They have to have returns on them, it is one of those things that is required by the county.  Glenn also installed the faucets in the Master Bathroom.  How odd to have running water in the house.  I always thought the kitchen would be done first, but it wasn’t.  The plumbing there is halfway done.  We are working towards having the inspection on the 15th, and we have both been working long hours.  I can’t even begin to remember all the myriads of little stuff that had to be done before the inspection.   Greg has finished the floor in the bathroom, and it has been curing overnight.  It looks great.  We can finally get the tub done.

Nov 13:  Glenn started boxing in the tub in the bathroom.  I cleaned the floor up.  Glenn also finished doing the faucets in the kitchen.  Wow, running water everywhere.  (This picture was taken after we moved in)